Hubungan Antara Riwayat Pemberian Asi Terhadap Kejadian ISPA

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Acute Respiratory Infection (ARI) is an infection that occurs in the upper respiratory tract and lower respiratory tract simultaneously. The highest prevalence of ARI in Indonesia is in the group of infants aged 6-23 months, with the highest mortality rate occurring in 0-1 years. Breast milk is a stimulant for the baby's immune system because it can provide passive protection against pathogens. Breastfeeding can prevent the incidence of ARI in children. This observational study used a retrospective cohort study design. Subjects were infants aged 6 months – 2 years who met the inclusion and exclusion criteria. Mothers who came were asked to fill out informed consent and then interviewed using a questionnaire. Of the 18 babies affected by ARI, as many as 8 babies had a history of exclusive breastfeeding. 9 out of 18 infants who were not exposed to ARI had a history of exclusive breastfeeding. there is no relationship between breastfeeding and the incidence of ARI (p=0.766


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